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Le Lemaniacs of Le Mans  



Spyker at Mulsanne

Spyker at Mulsanne

Astons at Mulsanne

Audi R10



The website started as all great things do with a discussion in the pub, some of us ( Billy Whiz and Avatar) decided that although there are some already excellent websites about Le Mans, we needed our own central point to store various items of interest, kit lists, maps and routes to the circuit and other nearby places plus share our experiences with any other like minded people. If no-one wanted it for this, we needed somewhere to upload and share the many photographs we’ve taken from our annual cultural exchange visits to Le Mans .


So I hope you find our ramblings of interest or even useful but if not join us anyway to have a bit of fun and a laugh while you plan that trip to Le Mans .


Go on you know you’ve always wanted to go.


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Camp fire


Lemaniacs website and forum for those who are drawn each year to this area of France for the 24 Heure du Mans race. To reminisce and plan future trips and enjoy a weekend of drinking and socialising with the sound of the worlds finest sports car race in the background



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